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January 24, 2012

Due to environmental concerns and technological changes, there are many new fibers in the market. Frequently, I am asked how these fibers are produced and which of these fibers are really green? The most frequent question, however, is what is modal?

Lenzing Modal is a fiber manufactured from Beech wood harvested in Austria and in neighboring countries. These forests are managed in compliance with sustainable forestry legislation. The Beech wood tree is said to improve the earth as it is a deep-rooted plan that conditions the soil and is self-propagating. There is no need for reforestation or replanting. These forests grow on marginal land and yield a high cellulose harvest, without the use of irrigation, fertilizer or pesticides.

Lenzing processes the wood into usable pulp employing an innovative eco-friendly chemical process derived from oxygen. The fiber is processed using a dry technology, eliminating the high water use associated with fiber production. These processes actually generate energy rather than consume it. This surplus energy is then used to spin the yarn, creating a true closed loop system of manufacturing.

This “Edelweiss Technology” developed by the Lenzing Company, sets the technological and environmental standard in the cellulose fiber world: truly an accomplishment of carbon neutrality, low land use, and replenishable resources. The result is a fabric that is soft, drapey and possesses a brilliant color. If you haven’t experienced this beautiful, comfortable, well-wearing fabric, make sure you look for these items next time you are in the store. Designers we carry that work with this fabric are COMFY, NALLIE AND MILLIE and NECESSITEES. Also, look for the Lenzing Modal tag which is usually attached to these garments.

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