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Closet Organization 101, Part One

March 30, 2012

Now that we are well into the New Year and on the verge of spring, many of us have thought about our clothing needs and purging out our closets. This necessary ritual is crucial to one’s personal organization, but how many of us find ourselves ignoring the call? Because really, just where does one start? We offer closet purging services at Susan Hayes Handwovens, therefore, I have faced many closets and have developed an easy strategy to tackle this common problem. In the first part of this two part entry, I will guide you through 5 steps in mapping out a game plan.


The first and foremost thing one must do when cleaning out a closet, is try to find some equipment to help you with the task. Securing additional clothing racks and a full-length mirror helps you to not only accurately see what you have, but also what it looks like on you. Gather some additional hangers, laundry baskets, boxes and bags to aid your sorting.


Make sure that you have a clean and spacious work area before beginning. Use your bed and floor to spread out folded items. It is imperative you have enough room. Additionally, make sure you have good lighting to be able to fully see the condition of the items.


It is invaluable to have a second set of eyes, so I highly recommend buddying up with a friend for this project. Allot an afternoon for each person to complete the task at hand. Having another unique perspective helps when taking in all in.  Playing dress up and putting items together in new ways helps you to realize all you have before you and helps you to start feeling good about the way you look today.


Before you even start, figure out an exit strategy for the items you are purging. For those nicer items you have that still hold some monetary value, find a resale shop you can consign them to. If looking for a more charitable route, consider your local non-profit organizations. In my area of Point Reyes Station, I like to donate to the West Marin Thrift Store. Or, donate to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries.


Make sure you designate an area for items that need repair or cleaning (this included accessories, shoes and jewelry). Once you are finished, these items will be separated out and can be bagged up and dealt with immediately. Knowing a good dry cleaner, alteration shop, jewelry repair is crucial.

Now that these five steps have been identified and handled, you can move onto the fun part! In Part Two, I will not only help you purge your closet, but help you to focus on how to rebuild your space by identifying categories, and how to put your closet back together. Again, if all this feels like too much for you to tackle, we offer our customers closet purging services at a very reasonable rate. Contact us at 415.663.8057 or email GOOD LUCK!

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