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Closet Organization 101, Part Two

April 29, 2012

Now that your organization is established, you are ready to begin to purge. Before continuing with the next five steps, make sure to bring out every single item you have, one by one. Set aside any items you have not worn in a year, no longer fits, or is worn out. Be ruthless!! And remember, once these reject items are gone, you will never think of them again.


Now that your organization is established, you are ready to being the purge.  Identify three main categories of clothing you need in your life. For example, I need clothing to work in my store; casual wear for the weekend, which I can also wear to my studio; and recreational gear for hiking, biking and yoga. There are two additional categories we all have which are travel and special occasion. For you, special occasion can mean anything from work events to Halloween. Whatever it is, remember, it’s your needs that are being met. Separate your clothing into these three main categories, as well as your special occasion category.


Starting with the largest category, begin to separate these items into garment types: skirts, dresses, tops, sweaters, pants, etc. Have a paper and pen handy. Not the items you wear the most and what are your favorites. These items have served you and have a high value. In addition, note which items get more use than others. For example, do the a-line cut skirts have more rotation than the straight skirts? Now, organize by color.

Once this is done, then ask yourself, do these items have suitable pairing? The answer will help you glean further and add to your shopping list. Proceed to the other categories, bringing crossover items into consideration. In fact, if you are a good shopper, there will be many dual use items. This adds versatility to your wardrobe.


This is the element that can bring the categories together into a whole, and should constitute approximately 25% of your closet. Basics alone do not make a wardrobe. You must have those key pieces make it cohesive. For example, I have an attractive and comfortable group of yoga pants and tees, but I still detest going out in workout clothing. To solve my problem, I have a couple of great looking long sweaters which I can slip on with my boots and feel street worthy on my way to the gym. If you find you need more key items such as these, add them to your shopping list.


Give your boots, shoes, scarves, gloves, hats, jewelry, and your accessories the once over. Line them up so you can see how they work together with your clothing. Edit out those that are worn, do not work, or are in need of repair. Again, note your needs.


At this point, you will have notes that will help you formulate a list of items you need. Keep this handy when you shop. Remember building a wardrobe that works for you take time. You won’t be able to acquire everything you need at once. But, over time, you will develop a system that will save you time and money, not to mention getting you looking better than ever!

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  1. Elan permalink
    June 4, 2012 9:50 am

    Hi Susan great ideas!
    Is that your closet?
    I’m impressed
    Thanks Elan

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